PM of Singapore Advised Followers to Stay Vigilant about Crypto-Scams 0 727

Just as the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry has been experiencing all-time high adoption, the scam rate in cryptocurrencies is also on the rise. No matter how many legal actions or stoppages the authorities make on the crypto-scammers, they end up finding a way to lure more people to steal their money.

This time around it is the Prime Minister of Singapore who found himself being used to lure people towards cryptocurrency scams. The PM of Singapore was extremely furious and concerned about the incident and took it upon himself to address his followers about the incident.

It was recently revealed that a hacker managed to gather all information that the PM of Singapore had on his Twitter profile in order to set up an account under his name on BitClout.

According to the Singapore PM, this particular scammer/hacker managed to use his information to set up an account on BitClout. Once set up, this scammer went onto use the name of the PM on the platform to gain trust of the people and sell tokens.

Ever since the incident took place, the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong has been in touch with his followers through the social media platforms.

Loong recently addressed all his follower through his Facebook profile to talk about the incident. He stated that if the scammers can use his information/identity to run a scam, then a common person is the easiest target.

Therefore, everyone needs to be extra careful and vigilant about this matter and do not let their guards down. He advised all his followers to stay positive, logical, and attentive if they end up receiving unusual emails from his profile or from other peoples’ who may be influential.

He also re-iterated the entire cryptocurrency community in Singapore to be very cautious when dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges and other platforms.

The PM revealed that someone had managed to make an account on BitClout and create new coins using his information from the Twitter account.

He revealed that the scammer used his photo, Twitter account bio, and his name in order to create “Creator Coins” on the platform.

He stated that by the time this scam was established and brought to notice, the token had already gained a market capitalization of $9,800. He confirmed that the scammer had managed to sell around 27.4088 coins and generated that much amount in a matter of hours.

The PM of Singapore also communicated to all his followers that he has already called out the owners of BitClout through his Twitter account. He has demanded them to remove his name, his photo, and bio from the platform as he has nothing to do with it.

Right after Loong’s announcement, the management at BitClout confirmed that they have since removed his details from their website.

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Facebook Data of Half a Billion has been leaked 0 681

Just recently, a security analyst has shared an extremely alarming as well as concerning revelation for half a billion people. The security analyst has revealed that a hacking forum has recently received a huge amount of sensitive personal information of online users.

The analyst has revealed that the sensitive personal information data that the hacking forum has received is for Facebook users. He has also revealed that the hacking forum where the information has been leaked has very high traffic on it. The information around the information leakage was shared by the security analyst on Monday, April 5, 2021.

As the number of the users is more than half a billion, then there are high chances that there will be cryptocurrency holders and traders included in the lists.

In the light of the above, the security analyst has requested all cryptocurrency users as well as the rest to be very vigilant. As a result of the information leakage, these people are now vulnerable to different identity-based scams as well as sim swaps.

The information around the recent leakage was first gathered and shared by the Chief Technology Officer of Hudson Rock, Alon Gal. Hudson Rock is known as a prominent firm in the cyber-security sector.

Alon Gal had shared his finding on the matter through his Twitter account on Monday, April 5, 2021. That is where he shared that there were a total of 533,000,000 users on Facebook that had their sensitive personal information leaked out. In his tweet, he sarcastically stated that the personal information of these many users was given away for free.

He stated that if a user had provided their phone number during the registration process on Facebook, now an unknown number of hackers have access to them.

He also got direct with the management at Facebook, stating that he is now waiting for the Facebook cyber-security teams to acknowledge and confirm this information.

He also criticized the security protocols and systems of Facebook, stating that this is absolute negligence from Facebook’s end. They have again failed to keep the personal data of their users safe and secure from such hackers.

Gal also pointed out that the recent leak that has taken place has been exploited through a security vulnerability that was discovered back in 2019.

Then again, it was confirmed in January of 2021 that the hackers could gain access through the highlighted vulnerability. Through the vulnerability, the hackers could gain access to the phone numbers linked with the users’ Facebook accounts.

He has revealed that now, the hackers are able to access a huge amount of information through the vulnerability. The information hackers now have access to include bio, relationship status, account creation date, email address, DOB, Past Location, Location, Full Name, Facebook ID, and Phone Number.

An MP from Ukraine Just Cashed her Cryptocurrencies 0 556

As per the latest reports, Kira Rudik, a 35-year-old lady from Ukraine has revealed to the entire world her earnings from cryptocurrency trading. Rudik is the leader of a political party in Ukraine as well as MP. Rudik just shared some very interesting details about her income from cryptocurrency trading.

She has revealed that from cryptocurrency trading, she made twice the money than her actual salary in the year 2020. Rudik has shared this information through an official declaration filing that was submitted by her back in March 2021.

Rudik is famously known as a tech guru who had won her political seat/status back in 2019. Furthermore, the political party that she leads is called Holos (Voice) Party.

Rudik confirmed that back in 2020, she went ahead and sold off her Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). As a result, she was able to generate a significant amount of finances that were double her actual annual salary as a Member of Parliament.

The tech guru revealed that for the year 2020, her annual salary was less than $15,000. However, she made double the amount by trading and selling off ETH and BTC. As per her, she traded and sold ETH in order to make around $16,500, and on the other hand, she generated $18,000 from BTC.

In her previous declaration filing, Rudik had revealed the ETH and BTC she had under her possession. She had provided the information that there were around 32 ETH and 1 BTC.

Rudik claimed that she had acquired these tokens for ETH and BTC back in 2018. She had acquired these coins during the months of February and March. However, her recent declaration filing does not show any holdings for cryptocurrencies. This goes onto show that Rudik no longer has cryptocurrencies in her possession.

In the declaration filing, she also confirmed the name of the cryptocurrency exchange that she used for crypto-trading and selling. Rudik confirmed that she had been using Coinbase ever since she got into the cryptocurrency trading industry.

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the entire crypto-verse with respect to market capitalization and trading volume, and it is based in the United Kingdom.

In Ukraine, Rudik has emerged as one of the stars in Ukrainian politics. She had reportedly built her business on Amazon in 2016 and then sold it off to the e-commerce giant back in 2018.

Later on, she became part of the political party known as Holos back in 2018. Her efforts and input in the political party did not go unnoticed and in 2020, she was selected as the leader of the Holos party.

Rudik has recently hinted that she is planning to invest some more money in cryptocurrencies, and this time again it would be ETH and BTC she invests in.

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