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Oriontero Review

With the current boost in web-based transactions, online trading has witnessed a gigantic leap among global financial markets. One of the key advantages of online trading is its user-friendly operation as the same is done online without the need to visit any broker office. Regardless that you are a beginner or an experienced trader, you need to sign-up with a renowned and reliable trading platform to conduct your online trading activities. Out of the numerous trading platforms available in the market, you will find Oriontero to be your most trustworthy online partner. The choice is obvious from the high standard of reliable, safe, and professional advice that you invariably receive from Oriontero’s team of experienced and dedicated brokers.  In the following Oriontero review, I will elaborate on the three topmost prominent features of this online trading platform.

Trading in Multiple Assets

Oriontero provides you the ability to deal with multiple assets in major financial markets.  You have the choice to deal in CFDs, Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Bonds, Indices, Cryptocurrency, and others.  You can choose as many assets as you want from the same platform.

If you are getting confused in selecting the right asset or financial market that best suits your budget and needs, you are welcome to consult with your broker at Oriontero at any time who will advise you to your satisfaction about the most suitable trading options relevant to your priorities. When dealing with Oriontero, you would have the peace of mind that you have top-notch support from an experienced team of brokers regardless of which trading instrument you choose to trade in.

Algo Feature

Only top-of-the-line trading platforms are able to offer this facility to their traders. If you are in a position to invest with a larger budget and are interested in trading multiple assets, then Algo feature is the right choice for you.

Oriontero is proud to offer this hi-tech Algorithmic trading facility to its traders. You are required to provide specific trading instructions that best appeal to you to the software program in terms of time, quantity, price or any other mathematical model. The Algorithmic program will do the rest. It will provide you with high geared solutions in relevance to your instructions. The speed at which this Algo feature provides the results in terms of reliability and accuracy cannot be matched by any human trader. It also eliminates any chances of manual mistakes or human feelings that can unfavorably affect the result of trading activities.


Oriontero takes the matter of legalities in online trading very seriously and ensures that they are compliant with all the trading standards and regulations related to the financial markets they are dealing in and the countries they operate in. They have in detail defined their Private Policy and Terms of Use which specifies all the rules and regulations you need to follow when using their services. This is done to ensure that all their transactions are in accordance with the required law. Oriontero believes and strictly adheres to anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies.

To make sure that there are no identity thefts possible, you are required to provide your personal and identification information at the time of signing up as this is a pre-requisite by online trading standards and as per KYC policy.

You can rest assured that with Oriontero, you are dealing in transparent, legal, honest, and trustworthy services.

Wrapping it Up

To summarize, Oriontero feels privileged to serve thousands of satisfied clients around the globe. The main reason for them to single out Oriontero as their top choice for their online trading activities is the ability of the Oriontero team to provide reliable and speedy solutions in a secure environment. If you are convinced that online trading holds great financial benefits for you, then don’t hesitate and take the correct decision of signing in today with Orientero and you will be happy that you took the right decision.

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Smart-Trade-Group Review – One of the Finest Solutions for Forex and CFD Trading 0 91

Smart-Trade-Group Review

Over the course of two decades, the online trading industry has added many trading instruments. This is the reason why the online trading industry has observed a great adoption rate in recent years. While several online trading instruments have been launched in the last few years, Forex trading has remained at the top. Unfortunately, not many forex trading service providers nowadays, are providing up to the mark services. If you are looking to invest in forex trading and are faced with the same dilemma, then please continue reading my Smart-Trade-Group review for your guidance.

Smart-Trade-Group is AML and KYC Regulated

One of the plus points of choosing Smart-Trade-Group over majority of forex trading service providers is its compliance with regulations. Smart-Trade-Group is very adherent to the regulatory policies, putting a lot of stress over the KYC and AML regulations. This way, the service provider succeeds in providing you with a reliable, risk-free, and regulated trading environment.

SSL Security Infrastructure for Transaction Protection

Smart-Trade-Group boasts its security infrastructure as the SSL system it has adopted is on par with industry-level security system. The SSL security protocol ensures it keeps all your personal and private information out of the reach of unwanted people. The fraudsters can neither access the data nor read it due to the encryptions that are in place to protect sensitive data.

Real Account and Islamic Account by Smart-Trade-Group

If you were look into other forex trading service providers, you would see that they provide you with several trading account options. They do it with aims of pulling more money out of you while providing you with the same kind of services. On the other hand, Smart-Trade-Group provides you with a simple and single trading account. The account offers all the benefits and support you need to perform trades in the forex trading markers. The account also offers you the ability to perform dummy trades. This way, you can get used to the forex trading markets before you start investing money in real time. The teams at Smart-Trade-Group have dubbed this particular trading account as “Real Account”.

In addition to the primary “Real Account”, Smart-Trade-Group provides you with an add-on, which is an Islamic account. If your religion is Islam or you wish to perform interest free forex trades as per the Sharia law, then you can add the Islamic account option to your Real Account.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) by Smart-Trade-Group

Smart-Trade-Group offers you with one of the most resourceful, top-notch, and user-friendly trading platform known as MetaTrader 4 (MT4). It is a privacy-oriented trading platform granting you access to all major forex trading markets. It is equipped with all major tools and features so you can benefit from them at the highest level. At present, some of the most prominent features offered by MT4 include single-click executions, leverage trading, trading instructions, sell start/stop, trading signals, market news/reviews, market analysis reports, and so much more.

Smart-Trade-Group’s trading platform is available through all major platforms such as android, iOS, tablets, macOS, and desktops.

Forex and CFD Trading

The primary trading instrument that Smart-Trade-Group offers you is forex trading, which involves buy and selling of fiat currency pairs. However, the broker adds more to the forex trading asset with contracts-for-difference (CFD) trading. This way, you can literally bet whether the price of a pair would go up or low and earn profits if the decision is in your favor.

Money Deposit and Withdrawal Options with Smart-Trade-Group

With Smart-Trade-Group, you have the option of depositing funds either via debit/credit cards or via bank wire transfers. These are the most common, highly trusted, and most secure payment methods when making online payments. You can use the same methods when it comes to carrying out withdrawals.

Customer Support by Smart-Trade-Group

Smart-Trade-Group offers you 24×5 customer support, and the team put together by the broker are very professional, experienced, and empathetic. They will always try to provide you with the best solution surrounding your queries and concerns. You can get in touch with them via landline and email, and can expect a prompt reply from them.

Ending Thoughts

The forex trading industry is one of the most prominent, feasible, and very lucrative trading sector. While other trading industries are facing sudden losses, the forex trading industry has proven to be very firm and stable. Therefore, I would suggest that you try performing trades in forex trade and it would prove to be a fine experience.

IGC Markets Review – An All-In-One Solution For Traders 0 50

IGC Markets Review

IGC Markets logoIn today’s challenging atmosphere and trading environment, we recognize that it can often prove difficult to successfully navigate through all of the hurdles and obstacles placed in your way when it comes to online trading. Naturally, you would hence need to find a broker like IGC Markets that can satisfactorily manage all of your various needs whilst also functioning in a way that is not too overwhelming. Lastly, you would want to choose a broker that possesses great customer support, a user-friendly trading platform, a diversified asset index, and more. This is why we are going to tell you about IGC Markets, a broker that we feel has ticked all of our boxes. This IGC Markets review will thus explain why you must pick this broker if you desire to be successful with your trades.

IGC Markets website

Different types of accounts

Whereas other brokers may provide you with a maximum of five account options, IGC Markets has upped the ante via its offering of seven account types. This is indeed a rarity, and we do not usually see such a diversification of account options in these types of brokers, which adds even more credibility to IGC Markets. So firstly, you can choose to go with the standard basic account, which is primarily meant for new and inexperienced users. Once you believe that you have surpassed the limitations of being a basic trader and are knowledgeable enough, you may go ahead and select one of the other account options which will provide advanced trading tools like technical analyses and analytical reports.

Furthermore, you would be delighted to know that statistically speaking, just over 14% was observed to be the return that a vast majority of IGC Markets traders usually received. This broker also has over a million active accounts right now, with this number only growing as we speak.

What assets does IGC Markets offer?

In addition to having a user-friendly and easily accessible trading platform. IGC Markets offers a dynamic range of assets that you can use for trading purposes. Like a few other brokers, it acknowledges the fact that traders all over the world will certainly have different needs and desires when it comes to online trading. What we mean by this is that some of you might be interested in trading with stocks, whereas others might be more inclined towards indices, forex, or commodities. Then we would have cryptocurrency traders, too, of course.

Regardless of your interest, IGC Markets has all of the assets you need, thereby making its asset index quite strong and highly diverse. The trading platform’s dashboard makes the entire trading process much easier as well, so you will not feel intimidated or confused by the interface either (which is always a good sign).

IGC Markets Asset Index

Cost and fees

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of brokers tend to have ‘hidden’ costs that traders are usually not made aware of until it is too late. Whether it be through unexpected fees or commission, having these types of costs can often lead to disgruntled traders and potentially damage the reputation of the broker. IGC Markets does not have any such hidden costs, however, and this is just another reason why it stands above its competitors.

IGC Markets realizes that hidden costs can often leave a sour taste in the traders’ mouths, and so it strives to foster an environment wherein such strange and unneeded commissions, charges, and fees are non-existent. In this way, the only costs that you would hence have to be concerned with would be the ones that you are made aware of while trading. There is, however, an initial sign-up cost that you would have to pay before you can be fully registered and begin trading, which amounts to a minimum of $250. However, this cost is known and not hidden as aforementioned.

Final thoughts

It is clear to see that a massive number of people use IGC Markets on a daily basis, as is made evident by its large and growing user-base. It is a trusted broker and has a friendly and helpful customer support team as well.

Simply put, this is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the ‘complete broker experience’ in which you will have access to everything you could possibly need and more in order to start your online trading journey.

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