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If you are new to the online trading industry and want to invest in the industry, then you have one of the finest opportunities to go big. If you start looking for online trading service providers, the majority of the platforms you come across would be the ones offering a limited number of trading opportunities. However, there is a platform where you won’t have to explore and instead, you can pick and start trading in multiple trading instruments. The name of the particular platform is DXCBIT, and my DXCBIT review will definitely help you end your search for a reliable trading exchange.

AML and KYC Compliance

When it comes to being compliant, you will see that DXCBIT does not stay behind any other regulated exchange or trading service provider. It is strictly adherent to the AML and KYC policies and doing so helps it create a safe environment for you while you perform trades.

Educational Material

DXCBIT has not limited itself to providing you with just the trading instruments and the trading accounts that go with them, it also provides you with educational material. The material is introduced by DXCBIT for your learning and better understanding of the online trading markets. The educational program by DXCBIT involves theoretical content as well as opportunities for interaction such as one-on-one coaching and webinars.

Trading Tools

Trading Tools are just the extra support you need when performing online trades. These tools are very useful and supportive when performing online trades. They let you stay up-to-date with trading markets and trends through trading news and analysis of the markets. This has proven to be really beneficial for investors and you can also benefit from such tools while trading.

Financing Through DXCBIT

If you wish to become part of the DXCBIT family, then you must proceed with making a deposit. At DXCBIT, you can do it via Bitcoin wallet, Cashu, Skrill, Visa Cards, and MasterCards. These are some of the most convenient and highly protected payment methods that DXCBIT has selected for you.

You can go with the same methods when it comes to requesting a withdrawal through DXCBIT. However, you need to keep in mind that the withdrawals may take up to 2 to 4 working days. So make sure you do not end up losing patience.

Multiple Trading Platforms

Whether you wish to trade through a platform that is web-based or is completely an independent one, DXCBIT can fulfill both of your needs. It provides you with a web-based trading platform that you can log on to from any place or browser. On the other hand, you have access to MetaTrader 4 (MT4), which is a highly sophisticated and widely adopted trading platform offered by DXCBIT. The platform is equipped with all features and tools to aid your trades, providing you with all the support you need while performing trades.

Numerous Trading Accounts

Whether you are new to the online trading industry, have some experience in online trades, or are an expert, DXCBIT would have a suitable account for you. DXCBIT offers you with basic, silver, gold, and platinum trading accounts that represent trading levels. So you can choose the account you prefer in order to perform trades and make the most out of them.

Variety of Trading Assets

If you think that DXCBIT may find providing all the mentioned services challenging, then you will be surprised to know how many trading assets it provides. DXCBIT currently provides you with all major trading assets that include commodities, cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, and indices. This means that DXCBIT has full command and knowledge over these assets and has the right teams to support them.

24-Hour Customer Support Teams

As a remarkable online trading exchange, DXCBIT has also built its reputation for providing you with a highly proficient and prompt support department. There are several customer support teams at DXCBIT providing support via landline, email, chat, and call-back form requests. These support teams are available 24/7 and are fully capable of providing you with prompt and effective solutions.

Ending Thoughts

If you think that online trading industry is something that you can learn in a matter of days, then you know nothing about online trades. The industry is very demanding and it can cost you all your money and savings if you do not take online trades seriously. Therefore, it is very important that you perform trades as seriously as possible, so you can focus on learning and understanding online trades.

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Last-gasp Negotiations by South Korean Crypto Exchanges Fail 0 91

The crypto sector in South Korean was left reeling after all, but four of the country’s trading platforms removed their fiat on/off ramp services and KRW pairings, or completely ceased operations. The platforms had been told to secure banking partnerships based on real-name authentications and also get information security management system (ISMS) certified by today in order to continue their operations. Having just ISMS certification would make the exchanges eligible for offering only crypto-to-crypto services and banking partnerships are required for KRW-related business. Consequently, only the four biggest exchanges in South Korea i.e. Coinone, Upbit, Korbit and Bithumb that had already established banking deals with their partners would be permitted to offer KRW-related services to their clients tomorrow.

However, this is not certain in the long run because regulators are still going over the applications of the four exchanges and it could take up to three months for them issue operating permits. Furthermore, banking contracts are only in effect for six months and if a partner pulls out after the six months, the relevant exchange would not be able to offer KRW services. People who were doing business with the other platforms now have to decide what they are going to do with their coins and money. 

This is around 2.2 million account holders who have around USD 2 billion worth of fiat and tokens. A small group of exchanges had attempted to enter into banking deals, with a few negotiations going down to the wire. Having 566,608 account holders, Gopax turned out to be the last one that threw in the towel. It posted on its website that the bank it was negotiating with said that concluding a deal would be difficult. Having 337,981 account holders, Huobi Korea had also made a similar attempt, but accepted defeat on the morning of 24th September. 

The other larger and non-big four platforms chose to open altcoin-to-bitcoin (BTC) markets for the convenience of their customers who are holding altcoins. Nonetheless, this fallout will probably widen because until today, there were a total of 63 exchanges operating in South Korea. There is some confusion regarding the number, as some claim there were 66. The big four platforms will certainly reap the benefits because they are likely to see an influx of customers who will no longer be able to use the other exchanges for KRW services. According to some media outlets, almost 30 of the exchanges have completely shut down, but the full extent of the damage will only become clear from next week onwards.

Appeals for more time and clemency made by the industry as well as politicians were rejected by the regulators. Instead, they told customers to file reports to the police and the Financial Supervisory Service if the exchanges don’t approve their withdrawal requests. All exchanges have also been informed that if they decide to cease operations, they have to give at least 30 days to their clients for making a withdrawal. This outcome is likely to create a near monopoly in the South Korean crypto market. 

Non-Fungible Token Marketplace for Customers Based in US Launched by FTX Exchange 0 53

Since the year 2020 turned into the year 2021, the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem has experienced a significant rise in demand and supply. This is the reason why most of the major cryptocurrency trading exchanges have now started adopting non-fungible tokens.

At present, the growth rate of the non-fungible token industry is parabolic and it is one of the most profitable spaces within the crypto-verse. The latest cryptocurrency exchange that has decided to adopt and explore non-fungible tokens is FTX.

FTX is currently ranked as one of the largest and top cryptocurrency exchanges in the entire cryptocurrency industry. It is making itself known globally by adding more and more jurisdictions and the recent addition is The Bahamas.

The exchange is determined that its users not only get to profit/benefit from cryptocurrencies but also from non-fungible tokens. Therefore, the exchange has announced that it is adopting non-fungible token technology and will be adding its innovation into the sector.

Following the announcement of adopting non-fungible token technology, the FTX exchange has revealed that it will soon be opening up a marketplace for non-fungible tokens. The exchange has clarified that for now, the NFT marketplace would only be accessible for users based in the United State.

Through the non-fungible token marketplace, the users based in the United States will be able to benefit a lot from their new service. The users will reportedly be abler to mint non-fungible tokens. They would also be able to buy the non-fungible tokens from the marketplace, as well as sell non-fungible tokens to earn profits.

One of the best features they will be able to offer their users is the ability to perform cross-chain trades for the non-fungible tokens. For now, the blockchains the users will be able to interact with include Solana and Ethereum blockchains.

FTX has announced that in the upcoming days, it will be launching the depositing and withdrawal facilities through the NFT marketplace. Once the depositing feature has been launched, the users will be able to deposit external non-fungible tokens into the FTX NFT marketplace.

In order to demonstrate its new market for the users, FTX has even released an image that is in the word-art style. There is no particular reason that the particular word-art serves, but only reads “Test”.

This is the first-ever NFT that will be sold through the FTX NFT marketplace. So far, the bid on the particular image has been set to $1,100.

According to the majority of the high-profile investors and the operatives from the cryptocurrency industry, NFT’s growth is just the beginning. The sector has caught the attention of the crypto-industry and mainstream sector alike. Therefore, the sector is only going to grow larger with time and make its name known throughout the world.

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