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What is Coinrise?

Coinrise is a provider of online trading and investing services, catering to a large audience of people wanting to get involved in the financial markets. On top of private debt, growth and VC, and private equity, the company is also offering cryptocurrency trading services, one of the main reasons for the current Coinrise review.

Traders are still searching for competitive trading offers tailored for the crypto market and based on a preliminary analysis, Coinrise seems to be one of the brands to consider.

Cryptocurrency trading benefits

The company provides clients with access to secure and easy cryptocurrency trading after signing up for one of the account types currently available on the website. It is important to highlight this is CFD trading, which means tight costs, fast order execution, and the ability to sell short, taking advantage of bearish conditions, such as the ones seen right now in the market.

Another important benefit when trading crypto via Coinrise is represented by the variety of cryptocurrencies covered. Other providers are still playing safe when it comes to the asset coverage, yet in this case, traders can trade on Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, AAVE, Cake, Dash, Dogecoin, Polkadot, and many other cryptos, denominated in either USDT or EURT.

Coinrise account types

Diversification has played an important role in the process of developing the account type offer, and subsequently it can suit many different needs. For the time being, Coinrise enables customers to choose from 6 different accounts as follows:

  • Mini account
  • Silver account
  • Gold account
  • Platinum account
  • Diamond account
  • VIP account

Coinrise trading benefits

Both convenience and performance are granted since the minimum deposit required to start with a mini account is EUR250 while as we move towards higher accounts, new premium features are being added. Traders working with Coinrise can take advantage of 24/6 customer support, an account executive, up to 1:200 leverage depending on the industry, a welcome bonus, daily market reviews, and other useful resources.

Knowledge center

Using Coinrise’s updated financial blog, traders will be in line with all the market-moving news, able to understand what assets will be very likely affected. The company is constantly adding new articles, ideal for traders since only with serious study, can they truly succeed in the market.

Access to a knowledge center is critical and this shows Coinrise is aligned with other major trading brands. Ultimately, it all comes down to each customer to do the hard work and dedicate the time needed for education.

Coinrise knowledge center


Based on the features currently made possible by Coinrise, the brand turns out to be very appealing. Any trader wanting to get involved in the cryptocurrency space can open an account quickly, trade live with a small initial deposit, and benefit from the generous offer developed by the company. As compared to other brokers, Coinrise has put a great emphasis on crypto coverage and that is why many crypto-oriented traders have already joined its ranks.

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Sri Lanka Appoints Committee to Implement Crypto Mining and Blockchain 0 4

Sri Lanka is the recent addition to the list of countries seriously considering designing the legal framework for the implementation of crypto mining and blockchain-related operations. The committee is planning to come up with the most appropriate framework for Sri Lanka. However, the committee will go through the regulations followed by the international markets.

The country has decided to move forward with the global community. The committee would identify the key benefits of implementing blockchain technologies.    A letter shared by Sri Lanka’s director-general of government information, Mohan Samaranayake, reveals that the government has finally decided to welcome foreign investments in order to set up crypto exchanges within the country.

Samaranayake also said that the official shave finally realized the importance of developing a state of the art and fully integrated “digital banking system.” Blockchain and cryptocurrency would help country to enter the digital economy. The Sri Lankan government has decided to move forward with modern-day’s digital trends. He also added:

“This committee will be mandated to look at the rules and projects of other nations inclusive of Dubai, Malaysia, Philippines, EU and Singapore, and so on., and recommend an appropriate framework for Sri Lanka.”

However, the committee the is consists of eight members, two of those eight represent international fintech giants including Mastercard’s Sandun Hapugoda and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) Sujeewa Mudalige. Moreover, the committee also includes members from the traditional financial sector. Rajeeva Bandaranaike the CE of the Colombo Stock Exchange and Dharmasri Kumarathunge the director of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

However, the remaining four members also represent various corners of the Sri Lankan civil society. In order to support the current initiative of making Sri Lanka digital, the committee would propose multiple regulatory points and monitor laws. The committee would also seek help from the laws and regulations imposed by some other countries against Anti-Money Laundering (AML), terror financing, and criminal activities.

The civil society and government of Sri Lanka both are hopeful that this would be the start of a new era in the country’s economic development. A recent report published by the Cointelegraph highlighted that there has been a 706% surge in Asia regarding the acceptance of cryptocurrency between July 2020 and June 2021.

As of this writing, the data released by Chainalysis showed that the value of crypto transactions being done in the region are valued around $572.5 billion. However, India represents the highest number of the transaction values. This shows that crypto is nothing new to the people of this region and people have already made their mind about investing in the crypto industry.

Sentenced ‘Bitcoin Czar’ Named Among Pandora Papers 0 9

Juts couple of days ago ICIJ published its new research about some of the world’s top leaders’ and influential peoples’ stories of financial misconducts.  The reports by ICIJ also argued that “Bitcoin czar” may have been the member of the Carbanak hacking group. The International Consortium of Investigation Journalists (ICIJ) have also discussed the crypto criminal in their new leaks called “Pandora Papers.’

The ICIJ’s Pandora Papers have claimed “Bitcoin czar” a famous criminal who masterminded the largest “cyberheist in history” own the offshore assets. However, the Pandora Papers also said that those offshore assets being managed by a third independent firm.

Pandora Papers have exposed how some of the world’s most influential people have hidden their wealth. Where those papers have exposed world’s top 300 politicians and businessmen. The report has also discussed the operations of hacker group Carbanak. The cybergang according to the reports have stolen around $1.24 billion from financial institutes and the digital crypto exchnages as well. The network operated over more than 100 countries from 2013 to 2017.

However, the most famous arrest of this network’s members came in 2018, when the authorities finally managed to arrest the master mind Denis Tokarenko (also known as Denis Katana), and many people have voiced that Pandora Papers indirectly called his name.

The reports published by the Bloomberg’s business research and network team concluded that at the time of Tokarenko’s arrest back in the month of March 2018, the Spanish National Police recovered 15,000 Bitcoin (BTC), worth $162 million from his possession. This is history’s biggest crypto scam till today.

The illegal approach adopted by the Tokarenko did not just end here. The Chief inspector of the Spanish police, Carlos Yuste also told the sources that Tokarenko also purchased a bitcoin mining system in China. He used his mining system to launder his illegal Bitcoins as well.

Despite the fact that Pandora Papers have not directly covered the crypto thefts and other cyber-attacks, but these papers have partially included the incidents from digital trading as well. This leads to the future possibility the ICICJ might decided to open up about the digital thefts and cybercrimes incidents as well.

But the fact is that Pandora Papers have provide quite the useful insight about the some of world’s most famous cyber-attacks on the recent time. If authorities decided to put investigate these facts, then there might be multiple people who find them behind the bar. The primary issue regarding the cyber-attacks culprits is that majority of them gets away because of the lack of the profs. The only notable person who was sent to prison on committing a cybercrime was former Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation employee Maia Santos Deguito.

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