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BTC-Trends Review

Online trading can be difficult if you do not have the right platform by your side. Choosing a suitable trading platform is the very first step and in fact the most pivotal one. I will highly recommend that you sign up for BTC-Trends in this regard. They are very reliable, secure and provide tons of trading services to all investors and traders around the world. The BTC-Trends trading platform is crammed with useful features which is why it is so popular in the online trading world. Whether you want to trade stocks, cryptos, or anything else, you are sure to enjoy your trading experience on BTC-Trends. These are the 3 best features of the BTC-Trends trading platform.

Low Fees

Whenever you make a trade on the platform, you have a pay a certain fee to your broker. This fee is often in terms of spreads and commissions. When the broker commissions are high and the spreads are high as well, it means that our own profit margins are low. This is something no one wants so it is best to sign up on a platform where you can enjoy very low fees. I will like to highlight that when you choose to trade on the BTC-Trends platform, you can enjoy very low fees as the commissions are spreads are very low. As a result, you can keep more profits in your pockets which is truthfully the ideal situation.

Apart from this low fee, there is no transaction fee either. No matter how many deposits or withdrawals you make on the BTC-Trends platform, you will not have to pay a service charge for every transaction. In this way, you can save a whole lot of money. Also, you can be assured that there will be no hidden fees of any kind.

 Secure Network

The BTC-Trends secure network is very strong and reliable. Security for trading platforms is very important as it makes sure your data and investment funds stay 100 percent protected at all times. When it comes to security, BTC-Trends always delivers. BTC-Trends makes use of cutting-edge security measures like dual-factor authorization to protect your identity, a firewall to prevent any criminal from breaking into the database, and strong encryption software to encrypt all your data. Since all of your information is encrypted, there is no way it can be misused by anyone else- you can be fully assured of that.

Overall, the BTC-Trends security is very tight enabling you to trade and carry out all your transactions safely and without any kind of anxiety at all as there will be zero risks whatsoever!

Device Accessibility

The BTC-Trends platform is 100 percent accessible from all popular devices being used these days. You have the flexibility to opt between smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop to log in to your BTC-Trends account and trade from that particular device. You also have the option to directly download the BTC-Trends trading software on your device and trade from there which makes trading a whole lot easier. What is certain is that no matter which device you pick, you will have a great trading experience every single time.

Also, the BTC-Trends user interface is easy to use even for beginners who have no prior online trading experience. If you do encounter some issue, the BTC-Trends client support team will always be there to help you and fix any kind of issue you are facing.

Wrapping it Up

The BTC-Trends trading platform is a very innovative one and is trusted by many traders and investors globally. It supports several lucrative trading assets and several other features that you can leverage to achieve your trading goals much quicker. To sign up with BTC-Trends, go to their site, sign up for an account and you are all good to go! In hindsight, you will be quite pleased that you chose to trade on the BTC-Trends platform.

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US Treasury Targeting Crypto Exchanges in Effort to Counter Ransomware 0 14

The Department of Treasury in the United States have shifted their focus towards crypto exchanges and are taking actions against those that are responsible for laundering ransoms. This is part of the government’s efforts to counter the ransomware attacks that appear to be becoming the norm. They have already sanctioned one cryptocurrency exchange, along with some of its crypto addresses that were used for this purpose. Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary said that they would continue their crackdown against any malicious actors. On Tuesday, a set of actions were announced by the Treasury Department, and these include an updated advisory that was published on ransomware.

In addition, they have also made some additions to the list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked People (SDN) of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). The Department of Treasury noted that it was part of the government’s effort counter the ransomware attacks. Therefore, a set of actions has been outlined, which is aimed at disrupting criminal networks and also target any virtual currency exchanges that seem to be responsible for laundering the ransoms that are collected in these ransomware attacks. The actions are also meant to enhance cybersecurity in the private sector. 

Furthermore, they also want to encourage reporting of ransomware payment to US government agencies, which include law enforcement, as well as the Treasury. It was further noted in the announcement that in 2020 the ransom payments made in these attacks had surpassed $400 million, which puts them at a value that’s four times what it had been in 2019. The Treasury said that there were some virtual currency exchanges that were a vital part of this entire ecosystem. This is because cryptocurrency has become the primary means of facilitating these ransom payments in the attacks and the associated money laundering activities.

The Department of Treasury said that while most of the activity of virtual currency exchanges was legal, it is a fact that these digital currencies can be used for illegal activities via peer-to-peer exchanges and mixers. This includes facilitation of ransomware schemes, sanction evasions and other cybercrimes. As far as the actions taken are concerned, they include the sanctions that were imposed against the Suex crypto exchange, which is based in Russia, for facilitation of financial transactions on behalf of ransomware actors. The Treasury elaborated that this was the first crypto exchange that had been targeted for laundering the ransoms collected in the attacks.

All interests and property of the exchange pertaining to US jurisdiction were blocked and the announcement said that people and companies in the US are now prohibited from engaging in transactions with said exchange. Janet Yellen said that these cyber and ransomware attacks are victimizing small and large businesses across America and can be a direct threat to the economy. She added that they would continue to take action against them. She said that cybercriminals were using sophisticated technology and methods, so they were prepared to use all measures, including regulatory tools and sanctions, for deterring, disrupting and preventing ransomware attacks. 

Status Markets Review – A Trading Platform that Caters to All Traders 0 14

Status Markets Review

My recommendation to you will be Status Markets you are on the lookout for a trading platform that is super reliable and where you can find dozens of trading opportunities. Status Markets is a trading platform that caters to all traders. Do you wish to learn more about its offerings to all the traders? If that is so, keep reading. In this Status Markets review, I have outlined the best features this platform supports and that you can use.

Low Spreads and Commissions

A prime reason why so many traders prefer to trade assets on the Status Markets platform is that because here, you can enjoy the very tight spreads and commissions. In case you are aware of this, you have to pay your broker commissions for all revenue that you generate from the trades. Since the commissions are low on Status Markets, you can keep most of the profits in your pocket which is really the best situation for you!

Also, there are no banking charges on Status Markets. Even if you are making frequent deposits and withdrawals on the same day, you will not be required to pay any transaction fee and this can assist you in saving a lot of money when you look at the big picture. In addition, another thing you should know is that the Status Markets platform will not charge you any kind of hidden fee when you trade with them. You can read all about their fee in the terms and conditions.


Status Markets provides impressive customer support to all traders registered with them. This is actually a very important feature as you as a trader need this customer support in all phases of your online trading journey. The Status Markets client support team is very responsive and you can approach them round the clock and six days a week. Whatever hep you want, their team will always be there for you. You can ask them anything you want- whether it is a technical question or any other kind of guidance, you can always count on the support from their team.

To contact the Status Markets team, you can email them fill the form on tier site with your details or call them if you would like to connect with one of their support agents quickly. You can be assured that you will receive the full support from their team no matter which communication channel you pick.

Security Network

The security of the Status Markets platform is one of its finest features. Every trader wants the best security on the platform they trade. I would like to assure you that you have nothing to be concerned about when it comes to Status Markets security. They take the safety and security of all traders very seriously and this is also why they have installed the latest security elements on their platform. The encryption software is very robust and so is the installed firewall system. Thanks to these features, there is no issue of any hackers breaking in and accessing your funds or personal funds- you can be assured o that!

When you trade or do your transactions on the Status Markets platform, you will be able to do so in a safe bubble without any issues.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the Status Markets trading platform is quite efficient and that is why so many investors and traders around the globe trust it. You can utilize the services provided by them to grow your trading portfolio quickly and achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. So what is the next step for you? Just go to the Status Markets website to register for a trading account and then you can begin trading online! In hindsight, you will be glad that you chose Status Markets to be your online trading partner.

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