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Axia Review

Trading online has become an attractive and viable option for many who are working remotely. Since you only need a stable internet connection and a device that supports the trading platform, it has become a convenient way for an individual to invest.

You will find an abundance of brokers, and many have expanded their offerings to cater to the current demand.

For this very reason, we’ve reviewed Axia who claims to offer everything one needs to start online trading.

About the brand

Axia is a financial broker that offers multiple trading assets: currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and CFDs on futures to trade.

With access to 400+ tradable financial instruments, the broker offers various account types to choose from as per your needs.

They aim to offer a seamless trading experience by utilizing the latest cutting-edge technologies, advanced trading tools, and an intuitive platform.

Account types

You can trade CFDs with Axia by funding your account with the minimum required amount of $250.  Axia has five account types, categorized as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

All account holders are provided with standard spreads, 1:400 leverage, daily market analysis, and stop-out levels. However, benefits such as trading signals, traders’ room, and trading tools are not accessible to Bronze and Silver account holders.

Additionally, all account holders are assigned with account managers except Bronze; they get support for assistance purposes. In addition, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond account holders are offered promotional cashback rewards. Platinum and Diamond accounts have access to the trading room as well as a long-term financial plan.

Special Features

Axia offers multiple unique features like the Partners Program, cashback, bonuses, and promotions.

You can sign up as a partner with Axia and earn referral payments based on different payment plans. They have three payment plans: CPA, REVSHARE, and Hybrid – each with varying levels of cash payments.  In addition, Axia provides marketing material like banners, a dedicated account manager, and personalized assistance.

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond account holders qualify for cash back when they trade, and their trading accounts are credited on a biweekly basis.


Axia is strict regarding funds’ security and ensures that all funds are segregated and protected by the latest security technologies. The broker uses top-notch measures to prevent intentional data manipulation and other malicious attempts.


  • Attractive cashback rewards for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond account holders
  • Bonuses provided for several account types
  • Lucrative payment plans for Partner Program
  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Low spreads on currency pairs


  • Welcome bonuses are not offered to all users
  • Account manager not offered to Bronze members


To summarize, Axia’s offerings are tailor-made for every trader, whether beginner or experienced. Their account types are designed to allow entry-level traders to access some of their benefits.

Axia aims to provide a convenient trading experience to all and, thus, is a reliable broker to start online trading with.

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GlobalBase – Embracing the fascinating world of digital money 0 4772

GlobalBase Review

GlobalBase logoThe transition towards a digitalized financial system is uneven and marked by uncertainty, as people have doubts about the future of cryptocurrencies as valid payment systems. Valued at over $2.5 trillion at the time of writing, the crypto market has grown into something bigger than expected, and with so many volatile tokens out there, it is no surprise that more and more people are considering crypto trading.

GlobalBase is a specialized crypto trading platform that currently offers attractive conditions to its customers, aiming to become one of the leading brands in the market. When opening an account with this provider, traders enjoy several benefits, which is why this review is provided. Read it to find out more about GlobalBase.

Exploring the GlobalBase Features

One of the first things that must be discussed is the GlobalBase platform, a solution promising innovative and advanced technology, both necessary when dealing with volatile assets such as crypto.

GlobalBase crypto trading brand

This company believes in state-of-the-art solutions that provide personalization and performance, without neglecting transparency, consistency, and fast transaction processing. The web-trading platform assembled by the company meets all of these demands, operating smoothly on any type of device.

It would also be important to highlight that GlobalBase has been established so traders can benefit from the highest level of security, providing a wide range of digital currencies to trade on. Thanks to this factor, the audience choosing to work with the brand can discover tokens that are not yet available with other providers.

Online trading on cryptocurrencies should be a straightforward and enjoyable experience, even though traders need to overcome multiple challenges. GlobalBase believes in a personal approach to all matters, ultimately leading to an intuitive experience from the very start for all customers.

Opening an account with should not be hard for anyone, as the company designed a user-friendly and efficient process. In terms of the account funding options, you can conveniently use a credit/debit card. At the same time, feel free to use a wire transfer, if that’s a better alternative. Regardless of choice, both funding options are secure and trusted, negating any potential vulnerability.

open an account with GlobalBase

GlobalBase also takes pride in assisting customers, not just with technical issues, but with educational resources as well. There is a dedicated section on the website where users can find various articles on topics dealing with cryptocurrency trading. The company is aware that many people who join don’t have prior experience in this field, and thus tailored infrastructure is necessary for them.

Is this the right place to trade crypto?

Considering the rich crypto assets coverage, the innovative platform, and the customer-centric philosophy, GlobalBase is definitely one of the providers to consider by all traders seeing the digital assets space as a place full of opportunities. Be aware, though, the company does not accept customers from the USA and several other jurisdictions.

All in all, it looks like a promising provider, something that’s sadly not common when it comes to cryptocurrency trading features.

XCGIN Review – Do You Require the Right Trading Services? 0 249

XCGIN Review

You will find numerous trading companies around you that offer common types of trading services. But are common services that you’re looking for? No, right? Every trader requires services that are tailored to perfection and suit them. In that case, there are several things that you will learn through this XCGIN review. This is because as a trader, you should know what kind of services to look for in the right trading platform. Or perhaps, the right services to look for in the right trading platform. Did you know that there are online frauds and scams in the name of online trading services?

If you didn’t know before, you should consider this now because your dedication, passion, and more importantly, the collection of your funds and banking/personal information are critical for your security.

Adherence to Strict Industry Policies

There are online trading and exchange companies that claim to offer safe and secure services to traders online. While a simple statement on the official website of a company sounds convenient and comforting, you shouldn’t let a false and unethical trading company lure you in for your money. A good trading platform will always stand up to its statements and claims. Hence, the foul trading companies will lure you in with promises of safety and security. But, you’ll eventually end up losing your sensitive personal and banking information along with your hard-earned money.

That’s the main reason why you should only trust a company like XCGIN with the protection of your sensitive information and money. You can only trade online and progress when you know that the company is safeguarding your possessions which are primarily information and funds. This company complies with AML and KYC policies while incorporating the highest security encryption tools.

Availability of Advanced Trading Platforms

Did you know that some online companies and exchanges offer different trading platforms to customers? Well, you should know that most companies now don’t wish to upgrade better versions with the fear of losing their revenue and buildup costs. This shows that not all exchanges or firms are willing to do the best it takes for different types of traders. Moreover, if you take a wider look into the industry, you will see that most obsolete trading platforms struggle with advanced tools and features integration. This isn’t something that you will experience or come across with XCGIN at any point in your journey.

The company has invested in constant development and upgrades of its trading platform. Thus, when you sign up with this firm, you will have only the bests at your hands. Additionally, you should know that the company has established such a trading platform that every tool and feature remains integrated fully into it.

Accessible and Updated Education Academy

In reality, most trading companies and firms don’t let their traders learn more about the industry and markets. Why do the companies do something like that? Well, the answer is quite clear in the statement itself. That is, by informing and educating the trader through expert guides and information, the company will be training individuals to trade on their own. Some companies assume that doing so will take away the number of traders that they have and result in their losses. However, this doesn’t happen with XCGIN.

You should know that this trading services provider has included an education academy in its list of services. You can use the available and highly accessible learning material in the form of digital eBooks, tutorial videos, and more to gain a basic understanding of the trading world before using your real money.


Do you think that online trading and cryptocurrency exchange is a great form of building up a fortune? You should consider signing up with the XCGIN. Keep in mind that your dedication and skills will be the only two main factors that affect your progress and result in profits. The company will not provide any professional trading advice at any point which may result in your loss of profits.

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