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AOS-Exchange Review

Are you looking for a cryptocurrency broker? There is a surge in demand for platforms catering to crypto traders quite recently because the market is on the rise and is offering a horde of trading opportunities. If you are able to take advantage of these in a timely manner, you can make a tidy sum of money without a lot of effort and in a short amount of time. However, it is vital to remember that your chances of success greatly depend on the broker you select. Even though there are hundreds of options you will find, every company offering access to the crypto space is not the right one.aos exchange

You need a platform that doesn’t just connect you to the crypto market, but also simplifies the trading process and offers a smooth trading experience. Only a handful of brokers will fit this category and it is your job to determine if the one you are considering falls into it or not. AOS-Exchange is also a crypto brokerage and you have to check it out thoroughly before moving forward. 

Registering with AOS-Exchange 

You need to know how you can register with AOS-Exchange, in the event you decide to use their services. Do they have any complex requirements? Do they allow you to sign up easily and quickly? Knowing the prerequisites can ensure that you are prepared. At AOS-Exchange, you are asked to fill out a form on their website, providing basic information like name, email, country, phone number, currency, and password. Their prerequisites are that you be above the age of 18 and don’t have an issue with their Terms & Conditions. 

Opening an Account with AOS-Exchange 

You don’t start trading right away after registration. Then comes the process of opening an account, which requires some thought because you have to choose an account type. No two brokers will offer the same options, so you need to check out which ones AOS-Exchange is offering. They have a total of 7 choices, which are Trail, Basic, Trader, Pro Plus, VIP, Millionaire Club, and VIP Ultra. All these choices offer some unique features and have different requirements that have to be fulfilled for opening them, such as the minimum deposit you have to make. The lowest is for the Trail account, which is set at €500. The highest is for VIP Ultra, which is set at €1,500,000. 

Making Payments at AOS-Exchange 

When you are done with selecting the account you want to open, you have to fulfill the deposit requirements in order to go through with it. In order to do that, you have to check what payment options have been given. How will you add your funds and how can you withdraw them? AOS-Exchange allows you to choose from several options. You can use debit or credit cards, such as Visa or MasterCard for this purpose. They also allow you to make wire transfers through your bank account. If not, e-wallets like Skrill are also supported, as they might be more convenient for some traders.

Cryptocurrencies to Trade at AOS-Exchange 

Now that your account is all ready to be used, it is time you look at the cryptocurrencies you can trade with AOS-Exchange. If you are looking for as many choices as possible, you have come to the right place. They have put together a ton of options, ranging from the top cryptocurrencies in the market to newer projects that are gaining traction slowly. Combining these categories can give you great returns and reduce your risks. Some cryptocurrencies that you can trade through their platform include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH, Monero, IOTA, NEM, Zcash, and Ox. More are being added every day, so you can invest in as many digital coins as you like. 

With AOS-Exchange you can get access to the best opportunities in the crypto space and make the most of them with a solid combination of tools and features.

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Central Banks Will Not Allow Bitcoin to Go Mainstream, Says Harvard Professor 0 4

Since the beginning of the year 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) has been flying high with respect to its price and market capitalization. There have been many mainstream institutions such as PayPal, MicroStrategy, and MassMutual that have played a huge role in deciding the fate of Bitcoin (BTC).

Although Bitcoin (BTC) had mustered a lot of user-base from the private sector, all it required was input from the mainstream sector. This is when PayPal announced that it was going to integrate Bitcoin (BTC) into its platform.

This worked like a charm for Bitcoin (BTC), and the largest cryptocurrency in the entire world got even bigger. Since then, Bitcoin (BTC) has been constantly gaining mainstream adoption and several institutions from around the world have adopted it.

However, similar to the president of the ECB, there are still many who still do not support the idea of adopting cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC) altogether.

Bitcoin (BTC) has been facing a lot of resistance and hard times from traditional financial institutions. It is the banks that are currently opposing the idea of Bitcoin (BTC) being dealt with as an asset for savings and investments.

The above speculation has also been confirmed by one of the professors from one of the world-renowned universities “Harvard”. Kenneth Rogoff, who is currently a Professor of Economics at Harvard talked about how the central banks currently perceive Bitcoin (BTC).

Rogoff stated that if people think that Bitcoin (BTC) has started gaining mainstream popularity, then they are mistaken. Despite all the success and attention, Bitcoin (BTC) is still far from gaining real mainstream adoption.

However, Bitcoin (BTC) currently has a very harsh and difficult journey ahead as the central banks from around the world are going to give a very hard time.

He stated that the central banks will not let Bitcoin (BTC) gain mainstream success and adoption. The professor stated that other cryptocurrencies are likely to face the same kind of treatment from the central banks.

He stated that for the time being, the majority of the cryptocurrency industry is unregulated. Many cryptocurrency firms in the industry do not adhere to the regulations that include AML and KYC policies.

For now, it is not possible for cryptocurrencies to be given mainstream status in the economy. The first thing that the governments would do is regulate cryptocurrencies and ensure that the policies are being adhered to.

Once the cryptocurrency regulations are streamlined and adherence is above satisfactory levels, then the cryptocurrencies stand a chance of being given mainstream status.

The words coming from Rogoff hold very high significance as he was one of the former chiefs at the IMF.

Bittrex Exchange Allowed Bitcoin to be Stolen, Claimed by Spanish Customer 0 6

As per the latest reports, the police authorities of the city of Tenerife have been given permission to investigate a case regarding Bittrex. As per sources, permission to look into the matter has been given by the Spanish court. The investigation has been launched by the Spanish court in response to a complaint that was launched by a Spanish Bittrex customer.

In the complaint, the customer has alleged to Bittrex that it was due to the exchange that he ended up losing his Bitcoin (BTC) to a theft. The plaintiff held the exchange responsible for the theft that led him to lose Bitcoin (BTC) that was worth $62,000.

As per sources, the cybercrime unit of the Tenerife police authority is currently investigating the matter. The cybercrime unit has stated that it will soon be sharing its preliminary findings around the matter. Then the police will be able to determine whether the exchange is to be held responsible for any involvement in the matter or not.

However, the plaintiff is continuing to blame the exchange for letting his Bitcoin (BTC) be stolen and taken away by the cybercriminals. He has claimed that the hacker was deliberately granted access to his wallet account on the exchange. As a result, the anonymous hacker was able to make away with around 1.3 Bitcoin (BTC) in the process.

One of the local reporting networks has revealed that the plaintiff himself is a resident of Tenerife city. The person claimed that it was May of 2020 when he had opened up his wallet account on the exchange for Bitcoin (BTC).

The plaintiff claimed that after creating the wallet account, he added 1.3 BTC to the same wallet account. Soon after making the deposit, he realized that his wallet with 1.3 BTC had been emptied and there was no sign of it.

Soon after learning about the theft, the first thing he did was get in touch with Bittrex so he got in touch with their customer support. Although he expected the team to support him, he got told by the customer support team that his account had been victimized by cybercrime.

The claimant also added in the report that he had hired a personal security expert in order to investigate the case. He wanted to get to the bottom of the theft and wanted to find the cybercriminals himself as he received no support from Bittrex.

The security expert hired by the claimant also shared his findings with the Spanish court. According to the report, Bittrex on four different occasions allowed the BTC wallet account to be accessed before the theft was attempted. The investigating expert also confirmed that the breach was observed from four different IP addresses.

All of the IP addresses used to breach the wallet account included Granada, United States, France, and Madrid.

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