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Data Shows Whales Hoarding Chainlink and XRP

A growing cryptocurrency market is an ideal bedrock for new retail traders, as they can take advantage of price movements using different derivatives. Bitcoin and other leading altcoins have had an impressive run in 2020, and now that 2021 has kicked off, the same elevated interest in crypto trading services continues to persist. 500Investments is an online financial service provider currently covering several cryptocurrencies and today we’ll analyze the offering.

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500Investments introduction

500Investments is a brand owned by Cabsy Holdings Ltd., specializing in providing online trading services for a large audience of traders. Although there are more than 1,000 instruments covered from different asset classes, the focus today will be only on crypto, as we’ll try to answer whether traders should work with this provider or not.

Among the most notable features under our radar are the trading technologies, cryptocurrencies covered, registration process for an account, and other benefits that have already convinced many traders to sign up with 500Investments.

Which cryptocurrencies can you trade with 500Investments?

On top of BTC trading with 500Investments, traders can get involved in other altcoins such as Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), XRP, DASH, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), OMG, Ethereum Classic (ETC), Stellar (STR), and others. Most of them are denominated in EUR or USD, but for Bitcoin, the broker covers instruments in AUD and JPY as well.

There are instruments denominated in USDT, BTC, ETH, and XMR, for those who want to trade crypto against other cryptos. Recently, 500Investments has also added the digital Yuan (e-Yuan), becoming one of the first brands to do so.

500Investments crypto trading

With up to 1:5 leverage and competitive spreads, traders can get involved in the market without making concessions in terms of risk management.

Is trading crypto with 500investment secure?

Trading with this broker is secure thanks to the ultimate proprietary platform, incorporating next-generation trading technologies. With crypto trading, traders don’t need to store crypto and thus negate any vulnerability related to custody. A result of years of research, the platform is optimized for the current financial market conditions, promising accurate and fast trading execution. Additionally, 500Investments has multiple policies in place to set up rules on how operations are conducted.

Registering for a 500Investments account

Signing up for an account is a simple process that can be executed even by a beginner. For any assistance, 500Investments has a team of professionals standing by. To create a diversified offer, there are 5 different account types available:

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

500Investments thinks about all the potential customers, regardless of their financial status, and wants to offer attractive conditions for all account types. A minimum deposit of $250 is required for a Basic account. Payments via credit/debit card or wire transfer are currently accepted.

500Investments’ team of professionals

All accounts need to be verified by submitting several identification documents, in line with the AML/KYC requirements. Only after this step is completed, customers can submit withdrawal requests.

Pros and Cons

  • Multiple cryptocurrencies available for trading
  • Innovative and user-friendly web-trading platform
  • Professional customer support and a team of account managers
  • There is still for no prospect the inclusion of other altcoins
  • Spreads are wide for some of the crypto instruments covered
  • 500Investments does not accept customers from the USA

Should you go for it?

Based on the information provided by 500Investments on its website, the cryptocurrency trading offer is very competitive, when compared to what other large brokerage houses offer. Volatility is still elevated in the crypto industry, but this brand tries to counteract it with lower leverage (1:5) and risk management tools. Also, traders can use the educational resources to learn how to trade professionally. The bottom line is that this looks like a reliable and trusted trading brand.

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International Trading Revenue Review – Special Trading Features 0 95

International Trading Revenue Review

Are you looking to skyrocket your online trading career? It will be possible if you get a legitimate brokerage firm. The best broker will offer you a classic trading platform with features designed to maximize your earnings. However, keep in mind that it is the best broker and not any. You can find some brokerage firms offering their services for selected individuals. You will have challenges and lose your investments if you trade with these platforms.

To make the most out of your cryptocurrency trading, you need to research well before settling to invest. Only by this can you land brokerage firms with features tailored to satisfy your trading needs. Are you having challenges getting a suitable broker to start trading online? International Trading Revenue can quench your trading thirst. Although the platform has not been in business for long, investors and traders are giving it a five-star. You can join the broker to know the reason. What are some of the features that make this broker the best from the rest? Let us dive deep. 

International Trading Revenue – Trading Features

  • Customer Service

This has to be the first aspect to look at when you want to avoid frustrations while undertaking your crypto trading. As a new trader, you may experience hurdles before understanding how the financial world operates. You will need expert assistance to understand the various aspects of the financial market. Does your online broker offer exceptional customer care services? He must do so if you will continue to use his services. If not, you have options waiting for you. You do not have to wait for hours to get assistance when you experience challenges while trading. 

International Trading Revenue offers 24/7 customer care services. Online trading is an ever on-going business. You need a brokerage firm that will always be there for you. You will enjoy the professional support offered by this broker. You can use their online chat when seeking help.

  • Trade Many Assets

How can trading many assets impact your cryptocurrency activities? Are you new in the trading business and want to expand your profile quicker? Any expert trader will rely on the asset class to diversify his trading profile. You need a broker that will allow you to increase your earning potentials. A broker can help you maintain your profits while trading online by providing multiple asset options. International Trading Revenue broker understands this. You have many assets to trade with this broker: indices, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrency. Pick your best and enjoy the process. 

  • Demo and Islamic Account

Indeed, International Trading Revenue is the home of any trader. It does not matter your background or faith, the platform has something for you. From the account options available, you can choose an Islamic account if you want to trade while adhering to Sharia law. If you want to handle your online trading activities on a platform with no limitations or restrictions, you now know what to opt for. 

Moreover, the broker will spend time to help you learn how online trading works before investing money. Are you looking for the best way to learn about cryptocurrency? This broker provides learning tools to boost your investments. The demo account is waiting for you. You can use this trading account to familiarize yourself with crypto trading. This is a boost if you are new to online trading. 

  • Security and Safety

A legitimate online broker should always be there for your good. Prefer an environment where you will have confidence while executing your trades. International Trading Revenue trading site allows you to make your crypto investments without fear. The platform uses high-end security protocols to secure your online trading footprints.

Final Thought

You can make your cryptocurrency business flourish by trading with reputable brokers. You will enjoy utilizing their top-class tools and features designed to maximize your profits. Are you wondering where to start? International Trading Revenue broker has something for any trader regardless of faith and crypto needs.

For more information about International Trading Revenue click here.

Genesis11 Review – Is it a Legitimate Broker? 0 192

Genesis11 Review

The world of online trading is not without its risks, but the lucrative opportunities often make it difficult to resist. In addition, the current economic conditions are prompting people to look for different ways to earn some extra income and the financial markets provide an excellent solution. You may not need a lot of education, years of experience, or copious amounts of money to start trading, but you do need a broker in order to kick off your trading career. They will be your partner in the journey and provide you the assets, tools, and other features you need for unlocking the potential of these markets. 

Where do you find a broker? A Google search will work and you will end up with a list of names to explore. However, it is necessary to remember that not all of these choices may be legitimate and reliable. There are some shady platforms that exist as well and some scams have also been known to happen in this market. Hence, it pays to be cautious and not make a mistake that can set you back in the long run. When you come across Genesis11, you will certainly be wondering whether it is a legitimate option or not. 


The only way you can find out is by assessing its features and offerings and then coming to a conclusion. Let’s check Genesis11 out:

It is AML and KYC Compliant 

Two of the most well-known security policies in the world are referred to as AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer. The purpose of these policies is to prevent the platform from being used for identity theft, money laundering, terrorist financing and financial fraud. If Genesis11 wasn’t legitimate, it wouldn’t be concerned about these illegal activities, so it is reassuring to know that it has chosen to follow proper procedures.

It Keeps Account Segregated

If a company is a scam, they would love to steal your money, which means they certainly wouldn’t offer you segregated accounts. This means that your money will not be kept in segregated accounts and will be mixed with the platform’s funds, so they can use it for their own purposes. Yet, Genesis11 keeps your money in segregated accounts and they are maintained with the top financial institutions for ensuring their security. 

It Offers Excellent Customer Support

Another common indication of a shady firm is that they don’t give you a way to connect with them once you start facing problems. But, on Genesis11, you will discover that they have offered you different channels for customer support. Not only do they have an FAQ section where traders can find answers to any queries, but they can also speak to their representatives through various channels 24/6. They are accessible via live chat, phone and email as well. 

It is Transparent About its Conditions 

When you visit a broker’s website and don’t find any knowledge about the trading costs and fees you will have to incur, it should send up a red flag. With Genesis11, this is not something you need to be concerned about because they are quite transparent about their charges. They offer you excellent spreads and they also charge a commission, which is clearly mentioned on their website. It is a flat rate of $6.95, so you don’t have to worry about increasing costs. Apart from that, they don’t spring up any hidden fees on you like market data fee or inactive account fee. This is certainly appealing because it tells you what to expect in terms of costs and how much profits you get to take home.

Genesis11 has also added a simple registration procedure, a range of trading instruments, educational resources and advanced trading tools for their clients. They offer them easy payment methods to follow and don’t have any unnecessary or complicated requirements, thereby ensuring that you are signing up with a legitimate platform that can help you trade easily.

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